Wir wollen Spaß haben wie die Väter hatten1 is a varied edition of three sculptural artist books in the form of 3-ring binders. Containing lithographs and digital prints, each book is a stockpile of hypotheses, fan art, go-betweens and ruminations (to chew and to think) considering the crossover of tropes in joke-making and art-making and the role of gender in funny art.

The books are presented on a custom display table with specially cut orifices to accommodate the 'appendages' of the books. The table (it's a glory hole, really) creates a physical joke structure through the viewer's interaction, as the form and materiality of the books contradicts the initial apprehension and surprises and flouts the viewer's expectation.

below, some sample spreads and installation views:


1. Wir wollen Spaß haben wie die Väter hatten (we want to have fun like our fathers did) is a reference to Sigmar Polke's 1964 drawing Wir wollen frei sein wie die Väter waren (we want to be free like our fathers were) which is itself a line from the Rütlischwur as it appeared in Friedrich Schiller's drama William Tell. When Polke pointed to the Rütlischwur he was wondering what to do in post-war Germany where fathers were dead or deplorable. When I point to Polke I wonder what to do when you get along with your father, he's a funny guy and all, but he makes jokes at your expense.