"A beautiful wish, perhaps - if I had wished it properly. Rather like wishing to hammer a table together tidily, meticulously, with a craftsman's skill, and at the same time do nothing. But not so that they could say: 'Hammering is nothing to him,' but rather 'Hammering is real hammering to him, and at the same time it is nothing too,' which would of course make the hammering become even bolder, even more resolute, even more real, and, if you like, more crazy."1

1. Kafka wrote this in his notebook in 1920 - this translation by Joyce Crick - It seemed to be a good thought to keep in mind when I started making sculpture, in a different way that Kafka meant it I think - but when you are making sculpture you can play on repeat 'hammering is real hammering and at the same time nothing' or maybe 'hammering is real hammering and at the same time another thing'. Not that I use my hammer that often. I work a lot in foam - and screws make more sense most of the time. I'm not sure if Kafka knows how to build a table.