dining room

I have a dining room like a mausoleum

solo show at Free Range, Chicago IL

September 25th - October 20th

Opening reception

Sunday, September 24th, 6:00pm

Free Range

3257 West Lawrence Avenue

Chicago, IL

arquetopia residency

Printmaking Special Residency at Arquetopia, Puebla

For the next four weeks (Jan 23 - Feb 28, 2017) I'll be in Puebla, Mexico as an artist in residence - working on a project about women artists making jokes and how to make fun of stuff with an etching press. I'm joined here by three other artists:

Anika Todd, George Dimitrov and Amira Rahim

Soundtrack to the residency:

artist talk.png

Artist Talk // 45 Minute One-Liner

As part of the programming for the next GlogauAIR Open Studios coming up this weekend, I'll be giving a talk about my work, about humor and about not knowing the names for things. 

Joining me in this topic will be the artist duo Sam Hatfield & Fiona Skelton. Please join us this Saturday, December 10th at 4:30pm at GlogauAIR, Glogauerstr. 16, 10999, Berlin.

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Open Studios in the Dessauerstr. 24

All are welcome to drop by Dessauerstr. 24, Berlin between 17:00-22:00 on Friday, November 4th to see some work and drink some drinks.

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with Claire Arctander, Zak Arctander, Brandon Alvendia, Bill Bippes, Mark Booth, Julia Fish, Jesus Gonzalez Flores, Jill Frank, Judith Geichman, Karolina Gnatowski, Lee Godie, Michelle Grabner, Karl Haendel, Jessica Hyatt, Carol Jackson, Justin H. Jackson, Alejandro Jimenez, Xavier Jimenez, Alex Jovanovich, Annelies Kamen, Michael Milano, John Neff, Laura Hart Newlon, Nicole Perez, Nathan Andrew Thomas, Jack Walls, Unknown, and more.

Opening Reception

Friday, September 16th - 6-9pm


3252 W. North Avenue, Chicago, IL

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Opening Reception

Tuesday, Sept. 13th - 6-10pm

GlogauAIR - Glogauerstr. 16 10999 Berlin

The artists in The Greatest Nonsense present you with a group of works that tell some jokes; about art, about sex, about discovery, about condiments.

Chuckleheads Exhibiting:

Ka Hee Jeong, Annelies Kamen, Clemens Klinkert, Zazzaro Otto

The Greatest Nonsense

13th - 18th September, 2016 (Berlin Art Week)


Glogauerstr. 16, 10999 Berlin